Saturday, September 8, 2012


Here in China, I find myself with so many beauty products to choose from that it can often become overwhelming at the drugstore when staring at all the products on the shelves. So, I tend to choose carefully and I try to go for the more natural products as much as possible. One Chinese drugstore brand I’m particularly obsessed with right now is Doctor Li.
Doctor Li Whitening & Softening Toner 200ml (US$6)
Doctor Li Refining & Purifying Facial Cleanser 100g (US$2)
Doctor Li skincare products are made from natural plants with unique formulations that solve different kinds of skin problems while giving great skincare benefits. Hailed as a perfect combination of traditional formulation and modern science, their products are now sold in more than 3,000 retail markets in China, making it one of the most popular brands in the country.
I really love their facial cleansers and toners. The cleansers are creamy and won’t dry the skin while the toners feel very light and fresh. Doctor Li products are available all over China in drugstores and most supermarkets.
Doctor Li Nutri-Feed Skin Toner  Anti-acne (US$6)
Doctor Li Pore Refining & Freshening Toner (US$6)


  1. Hello, i was wondering if you could help me with something...i just recieve a gift from China, a beauty cream from doctor's a rose brightening nourishing my question would be if you know the directions or perhaps which type of skin should use it...thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Fiorella, Dr. Magic’s Rose Brightening Nourishing Cream is actually a moisturizer I have tried before. This contains damask rose essential oil which has a brightening effect on the skin. It reduces dull surface skin cells and evens skin tone. It has grape seed extract oil and linden nectar nutrients which provide efficient moisture and care, even in a dry environment. Rose essential oil is one of the greatest moisturizers around and most rose creams are for combination to dry skin. My skin is actually combination to oily, but I still like using rose creams because it provides great hydration without being too heavy. I also never breakout when using rose creams. I really liked this moisturizer. You can use it every morning and before you sleep at night. Hope this helps!