Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting packed and ready...and off to China!

I love new discoveries, so when my husband mentioned we were moving to China again, I felt a wave of excitement much like the very first time we arrived here. In the midst of all this, it also got me thinking that it was inevitable that I would soon start a blog. Aside from continuous shoves of encouragement from my best friends…I’ve also just realized that I’m a beauty product hoarder. Probably not as bad as the TV show. So far I haven’t seen rats among my stash of products!! But I’m a hoarder just the same. I have an insane addiction to beauty products…and yes, this includes staying way too long at beauty counters, perfume counters and cosmetic shops (who can resist the scents, sights, beautiful packaging and ambiance of these stores? I just love it!). As I was packing for the move, an endless row of perfumes, bath products, lotions etc. lay in a mountainous heap before me…most only half-used and some brand new. I thought there was no way in hell I could fit these in my luggage and so had to make do with giving some away, mostly to my sister and mom who are always happy to help me. But before I start beauty hunting on what's available here in China, here is one new obsession I managed to snatch from Manila just in the nick of time…

Alba Botanica’s Terra Tints!! 
Say goodbye to lipstick! (even just for a little bit..)

This miracle lip balm and lipstick in one is my new obsession. My mom convinced me to try Alba Botanica’s Terra Tints insisting she hasn’t worn lipstick since buying it because of the potent color and the intense moisturizing benefits. At first, I was skeptical as I’ve tried a multitude of lip balms in all ranges of tints and colors and most never come close to a proper lipstick. The fact of the matter is you really need a separate lip balm and lipstick, which let’s face it would still be much better for everyone and time saving if done in one swipe. My curiosity burning, I tracked down Terra Tints to see what my mom’s hype was all about and surprise, surprise…now I’m hooked!

Alba Botanica’s Terra Tints comes in six 100% mineral colors: Blaze, Bloom, Dawn, Garnet, Sienna and Sunset (available at Healthy Options Philippines or at www.albabotanica.com). So far, my favorite is Blaze (a rosy reddish color). It’s perfect for day and night. In fact, it’s the only thing I use right now. It contains zinc oxide for chemical free SPF 8 and organic coconut oil, olive oil, calendula, Echinacea, and organic peppermint to keep lips healthy, soft and hydrated. No worries, my love for lipstick has not yet died. I haven’t given up on lipstick yet. But when I’ll start using one again still remains to be seen.