Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hi everyone! I apologize for not updating for quite sometime. The last two weeks have been quite hectic and crazy filled with packing and arrangements as Marc and I prepared for our big move to the coastal city of Dalian in northeast China. Marc got a new post in the city and last week we said goodbye to the city we've been living in for the past year, Hefei. We are now about to embark on new adventures, new food trips, and take a closer look at the culture and landscape of northern China. I am excited to explore new discoveries and hope you will continue to follow me as I continue my amazing journey in and around China. 

For now, here are two snapshots I'd like to share with all of you from my walk around the city yesterday. The weather in the city was a wonderful 18 degrees Celsius, sunny and filled with blue skies. These are some old early 20th century buildings taken in Zhongshan Square, Dalian.