Thursday, May 3, 2012

For the Love of Crêpes

The beloved Bangkok chain, Crêpes & Co., has arrived in Shanghai and this is really worth celebrating! Their famous menu consists of all the crêpes you can think of in the universe from savory crêpes (traditional, brunch-style, international etc.) to the sweet crêpes (with fruits, delicacies, ice creams or flambées). The restaurant’s French and Mediterranean cuisine also consists of unique salads and appetizers, pasta favorites, and a huge selection of breakfast a la carte dishes. My favorite crêpes are definitely the ones with ice-cream! Summer is coming and on a hot summer’s day, you can never go wrong with these delicious delights!

Crepe Josephine!! It is to die for!
(bananas, vanilla ice cream, chestnuts and chocolate sauce)

Coffee ice cream (my favorite!) with Honey sauce & sprinkles