Thursday, November 1, 2012

DHC's Olive Magic

I always feel like kicking myself after discovering a great brand of products for the first time despite years of seeing it around and just passing it by..especially after getting to know the amazing wonders of DHC.

DHC is Japan’s number one direct skincare company with a legacy of over 30 years. All of their high-quality products are based on the healing principles and natural benefits of olive oil. Everyone knows olive oil is good for you in more ways than one – rich in vitamins and antioxidants, neutralizes damaging free radicals, and helps skin balance its moisture levels. DHC uses Olive Virgin Oil (Flor de Aceite) – from handpicked organic Spanish olives, cold-pressed to preserve its nutrients.

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My two favorite DHC products right now that I highly recommend trying:
(Prices indicated are not the exact exchange rate. Products are more expensive in China.)

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - 218 Rmb (US$28)

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
This is DHC’s most popular product and a really amazing cleanser. I like to cleanse my face with this at night. It has a great soothing, natural olive scent and washes away dirt, excess oil and makeup without drying. I love how soft and hydrated my face feels right after! Main ingredients are olive oil, vitamin E and rosemary leaf oil.

DHC Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish
178 Rmb (US$17.50)

DHC Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish
I read somewhere that body scrubbing in the shower during the winter is really beneficial as it increases circulation, promotes body heat and keeps you warm. Compared to all the body scrubs I’ve tried before, this body polish is on a whole other level and I am now obsessed with it! The small granules of corn cob powder gently exfoliate the skin, are light and soft (non-irritating), and very soothing on the skin. The olive oil is so moisturizing that after stepping out of the shower, I sometimes skip applying body lotion altogether. Main ingredients are olive oil, vitamin E, corn cob powder and lavender oil. Really worth trying!

Other great DHC products:

DHC is available in most department stores here in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and its home country Japan. It is also available in the United States and in London, UK at certain retail stores and by ordering online.

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