Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I really got into facial masks while living here in China. You can find them everywhere at supermarkets, drugstores and cosmetic counters. For me, they are the best do-it-yourself beauty treatment you can do at home. I like to use them once a week. Here in China, they have a multitude of facial mask brands and not all are great, so you have to choose wisely especially when applying something to be absorbed into your skin. I have tested a lot of the brands over time, and I have found one that really works for me: MG Facial Masks.
MG masks are affordable, high-quality and made only from natural ingredients. They are soft and relaxing and have a very subtle fragrance. All of their masks contain rejuvenating essences that energize skin cells and nourish tissues. Special ingredients also repair molecules and tighten skin cells. Their anti-aging masks restore collagen and tissue elasticity. My skin always feels so soft and smooth after using them.
MG has many different kinds of facial masks in several lines: regular line, eight treasures line, and spring pure line. You can buy them all around China or order online through the Internet.

MG Eight Treasures Oriental Hydrating Mask (15 RMB) (US$ 2.40)
MG Deep Sea Collagen Nourishing Mask
Deep Refining & Hydrating (9.80 RMB) (US$ 1.50)
MG Pomegranate Smoothing Firming Mask
Refining & Pore Tightening (9.80 RMB) (US$ 1.50)

MG Facial Masks for Acne Treatment