Monday, June 25, 2012


I love accessories! They can dress up a simple outfit instantly or add a little flair and color to your regular wardrobe. My favorite accessories are colorful jewelry. It doesn’t matter whether they are costume jewelry or made of precious stones, because they are all extremely useful and beautiful to look at. The power of enhancing your style with the right accessories is limitless.

Colorful beaded bracelets are perfect for summer!
Photo: Michal Zacharzewski, SXC
Chinese beads and coins made into bracelets
Photo: Andrew Beierle, SXC
Here in China, shopping for accessories is a must for any visitor because of the endless variety and availability of big, bold, bright and beautiful pieces everywhere. Now that it’s summer over here, simple outfits are normally the way to go and adding colorful accessories can be the perfect warm weather look. Lately, I find myself drawn to jewelry with symbolic and spiritual connotations such as Buddha beads and jade bracelets. I also love turquoise jewelry because of their calming and serene color and it is just something that never goes out of style.


My collection of Buddha bead bracelets (from bazaars around China)

Buddha beads are also known as “mala beads” or Tibetan Prayer Beads. They are normally used for reciting prayers/mantras and meditation. They are also said to carry good luck but many people wear them for purely decorative purposes. Although I am not Buddhist, I do love wearing the bracelets because of their tradition, symbolism and beauty. Plus it’s never bad to carry around a little bit of luck.


Chinese Jade
Photo: Isidro Lam, SXC
Jewelry stand selling Jade in a Hong Kong marketplace
Photo: Morgane Constanty, SXC
Jade is a gemstone with special meaning in China for thousands of years because of its unique symbolic energy, purity, grace and beauty. Jade is said to stimulate creativity, mental agility, and have a balancing and harmonizing effect on the mind and body. Its beautiful green color is said to also have healing properties on the body especially on the kidneys, heart and stomach. I personally like wearing jade for its unique green color, simplicity, elegance and sophistication.


I love turquoise and coral-colored pendants.
I bought these at a marketplace in Huangshan.

Turquoise beaded bracelets.
The way to wear them is to stack them up.
Photo: Mee Lin Woon, SXC

I’ve loved turquoise jewelry for many years now. I can’t get enough of its wonderful, calming and amazing color. It reminds me of the beach, the ocean, the waves and endless summer days. It is also elegant and makes a big statement to an otherwise simple outfit. Wear it with neutrals like white or black and you can never go wrong.

My favorite necklace this summer was a gift
from my aunt in Spain. It goes great with a
white blouse or dress.

What are your favorite accessories?