Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Golden doorknob at the Forbidden City, Beijing
Photo: Andi Braun, SXC
In China, the color yellow or gold is considered the most beautiful color and is associated with good luck. It was the color worn by the emperors in Imperial China, and thus is a symbol of lavishness and wealth. The color corresponds with the earth and plays a significant part in Chinese culture, Chinese art and in all the important Chinese festivals. When it comes to fashion, I think gold is a color one can wear all year round. It adds depth, sparkle, glitter, and brightness to every outfit. There are more ways to wear gold than you can probably think of. So the next time you get dressed, why not try a touch of golden sheen?

ZARA leopard ballet flats
I love these gold leopard ballet flats with the golden-capped ribbons. I have been wearing them almost everyday lately (so comfy!), and you’ll be surprised that this print and combination of colors really go with almost everything. They can make a simple outfit playful and fun. 

BICHUN Nail Color in B14

This summer, I really love wearing gold nail polish. It gives nails a nice, light sheen and sunny glow. It’s another alternative to the staple light nudes and pinks. It is just as elegant and sophisticated too.

Gold hoop earrings from H&M

In my opinion, gold hoop earrings will never go out of style. It’s just one of those things that can dress up any outfit. Every girl should have a pair among their accessories. I like mine big and thin.