Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Dalian is known for having some of the finest seafood in China all locally sourced from its rich surrounding waters. One of the best places to try these so-called treasures of the sea is at arguably the most luxurious all-day dining restaurant in the city, C Grill at Conrad Dalian.

C Grill serves the freshest and most delicious seafood all grilled to perfection and in accordance to your preferences and tastes. The d├ęcor in the restaurant is elegant and subdued and the view of the nearby port and the sea beyond is breathtaking.

My favorite area of the restaurant is the open kitchen where you can actually view the amazing chefs at work as they cook your food right before your eyes down to the intricate preparation methods up to the finish line where you behold your carefully prepared dish.

Executive Chef Philippe Egalon prepared a frothy crab cappuccino soup which left me craving for more and a wonderful seafood paella which literally made me close my eyes and want to weep! That’s how good it was!

C Grill's elegant decor

The open kitchen view from outside the restaurant
The private dining room has the
best view of the open kitchen.

The Crab Cappuccino

The Seafood Paella with Dalian's freshest catch
2/F, Conrad Dalian
31 Renmin Road East, Zhongshan District
Dalian, Liaoning 116001 China
Tel: (86) 411 86776666


One of the best sights to see in Dalian is Xinghai Square, a city square known as the biggest in Asia and with a total area of 1.1 million square meters! Its sheer space and perfectly manicured greenery is impressive to say the least! But even better yet and by far my favorite is the natural beauty that awaits you right at the end of the square…the ocean promenade overlooking the waters of Heishi Reef Bay meeting the Bohai Sea. The smell of the ocean, the salt in the air, the breeze and the calm waters remind me of home in the Philippines and this has quickly become my favorite place in Dalian.

Here are a few photos from my seaside walks…

Friday, November 9, 2012


Lately, I have found that walking around China’s modern, cosmopolitan city of Dalian is ironically like taking a peek into the past. The old and the new both exist in beautiful harmony. Dalian came under Russian territorial control from 1898 until 1905. Back then, the city was known as Dalny. Within those short seven years, the influence of Russian culture is still so amazingly seen and felt in the city today, especially along Dalian’s oldest street, now simply called “Russian Street.” Eight of the existing Russian buildings here have been renovated including the Russian Dalny City Hall, which is more than 100 years old.

I decided to take a look myself and walk back to the past…

The tops of two Russian buildings
Russian Street, Dalian

A building converted into an inn

The street has become a tourist destination
with lots of stalls selling Russian trinkets and souvenirs.

Russian Street stretches around 300 meters.

At the far end of the street lies the former Russian City Hall of Dalny
built in 1900.
This photo: Wikipedia Public Domain

My street souvenir: Dark Russian chocolate...yum!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

DHC's Olive Magic

I always feel like kicking myself after discovering a great brand of products for the first time despite years of seeing it around and just passing it by..especially after getting to know the amazing wonders of DHC.

DHC is Japan’s number one direct skincare company with a legacy of over 30 years. All of their high-quality products are based on the healing principles and natural benefits of olive oil. Everyone knows olive oil is good for you in more ways than one – rich in vitamins and antioxidants, neutralizes damaging free radicals, and helps skin balance its moisture levels. DHC uses Olive Virgin Oil (Flor de Aceite) – from handpicked organic Spanish olives, cold-pressed to preserve its nutrients.

Photo credit: Pawel Kryj, pawel_231,

My two favorite DHC products right now that I highly recommend trying:
(Prices indicated are not the exact exchange rate. Products are more expensive in China.)

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - 218 Rmb (US$28)

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
This is DHC’s most popular product and a really amazing cleanser. I like to cleanse my face with this at night. It has a great soothing, natural olive scent and washes away dirt, excess oil and makeup without drying. I love how soft and hydrated my face feels right after! Main ingredients are olive oil, vitamin E and rosemary leaf oil.

DHC Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish
178 Rmb (US$17.50)

DHC Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish
I read somewhere that body scrubbing in the shower during the winter is really beneficial as it increases circulation, promotes body heat and keeps you warm. Compared to all the body scrubs I’ve tried before, this body polish is on a whole other level and I am now obsessed with it! The small granules of corn cob powder gently exfoliate the skin, are light and soft (non-irritating), and very soothing on the skin. The olive oil is so moisturizing that after stepping out of the shower, I sometimes skip applying body lotion altogether. Main ingredients are olive oil, vitamin E, corn cob powder and lavender oil. Really worth trying!

Other great DHC products:

DHC is available in most department stores here in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and its home country Japan. It is also available in the United States and in London, UK at certain retail stores and by ordering online.

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